Welcome back to our blog series on summer dinner parties! In our first blog, we addressed a few cooking ideas that you could try for hosting your next event. When hosting a dinner party, there are so many elements to take into consideration, but we can all agree that food and meal planning take a lot of precedence.

At Basha Foods International, our grocery store in Calgary has the ingredients and food selection you need to make an exceptional meal and host an equally exceptional dinner party. Learn more about some dinner party ideas, and stop by Calgary’s choice in international grocery stores today!

A Night of Naan

Is there anything better than cooking up some homemade, savory, sensational Indian food? We think not. Our international grocery store has plenty of ingredients and foods for you to choose from to ensure you have an excellent dinner party. Try out some garam masala, or learn more about tandoori cooking, and of course, serve up some delicious chai to complete the meal. The only thing your guests will be arguing over is who gets to finish the naan.

Party With Pasta

Sometimes you just can’t beat the classics. Bring everyone together for an Italian-themed evening, complete with all the pastas, meats, cheeses, and small plates. There’s something so comforting and familial about sharing in such a meal, and your guests will feel incredibly content and satisfied with an Italian dinner party. For easier planning, turn the whole event into a potluck! Have people volunteer to bring beverages, garlic bread, salad, and see if someone can try to master the art of tiramisu. If not, there’s no harm in you going for it as well. You’ll just have to try not to eat it all before the party starts.

Build-Your-Own Pizza Party

Let’s face it, pizza is a universal language, and it’s one of love. An interactive and fun twist on a dinner party comes in the form of a build-your-own event. It’s pretty simple — you provide the dough, cheese, and sauces, have people bring tons of toppings, and let people start creating their favorite kind of pizza.

For the easiest cooking, split fresh dough into smaller pizzas that each person can roll out and decorate (be sure to provide some flour to handle the stickiness). This way, you can throw several pizzas in the oven (or on the grill) at once. Have some appetizers on deck, or serve up a caprese salad, to tie your guests over in the meantime.

Brunch for Dinner

Sometimes you need to spice things up, and hosting a brunch for dinner does just that. Serve up some eggs benedict, make some sweet and savory waffles, mix up a few mimosas, and watch as your friends simply have a blast — as they would normally at brunch. To switch things up even further, turn it into a pajama party! If you feel like revisiting your childhood and watching some classic TV shows or movies after the meal, by all means, go for it.

Sushi for Supper

Making sushi seems like a challenge, but for how delicious sushi is, it’s a worthwhile one. This would be an excellent way to test your cooking chops, and have some fun cooking for guests. With the right rice, filling, and materials, your sushi could turn out amazing, and result in everyone raving over your culinary skills. Check with our international grocery store — you never know what we might have on deck for you!

Fondue for Everyone

Dipping things into melted cheese and chocolate has been one of the greater culinary feats of our time. Hosting a fondue party is a great way to create an easy and customizable meal for your guests — because if they don’t like dipping cubes of steak in some hot and melty cheese, they can always opt for bread or vegetables, or any other vessels of food you’ve provided. Plus, a chocolate fondue fountain for dessert is just about one of the best desserts on the planet. This laid-back party is sure to be one that guests will remember.

Friday Night Fiesta

Making some south-of-the-border food is always quite the crowd pleaser. From enchiladas to hosting a taco party, the promise of Mexican food is an instant way to ensure guests are going to be down to dine at your place. To go even further, make some authentic dishes, such as chilaquiles or tamales for everyone to sample and savor (and probably salivate over). Pick up some Mexican candies for dessert, and this dinner party is sure to be a celebration.

Last-Minute Considerations

While all of these ideas would make for an exceptional dinner party, one of the most important things to think about is the people who are enjoying your food. Do they have food allergies? Dietary restrictions? Religious beliefs that prohibit consuming certain ingredients/foods, such as pork or alcohol? If the answer to any of these questions is “yes,” you’re in luck — our grocery store might have the options that can best cater to the needs of your guests.

No matter how you go about hosting your dinner party, one of the initial steps should be stopping by our international grocery store to gain some culinary inspiration. We offer halal meats, ingredients that are favorable for Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine, Hispanic foods, and so much more. Your dinner party is a true success when you shop at Basha Foods International. Stop by our grocery store in Calgary today!