Summer is the perfect time to host a dinner party — or several, for that matter. With daylight stretching and temperatures rising, summer itself is an exceptional occasion to celebrate. Getting friends and family together (over food, of course) has always been a wonderful time, and everyone will love this opportunity to reconnect at a dinner party.

Hosting an event can sometimes seem like a challenge, but with the summer dinner party ideas from our international food store, you’ll be set up for success. Take a look at some of our ideas, and be sure to stop by Basha Foods International to get everything you need for an amazing eve!

The Classic Barbecue

There’s nothing more timeless than a classic summer barbecue. Grilling meats and vegetables outside, setting up picnic tables and paper plates, blasting the speakers — it just doesn’t get better than a summer cookout. Go with the traditional burgers (and veggie burgers for any non-meat-eating friends), fire up some corn on the cob, or feel a little fancier and throw a ribeye on the grill. Have your guests each bring something, like cutlery, plates, and beverages, to make planning easier. String up some lights or paper lanterns to really set the tone — we guarantee that everyone will have a blast.

For your classic barbecue, remember that our international grocery store has a number of halal meats that you can choose from, to make sure that the needs of every guest are being considered. Feel free to call Basha Foods International to double check on our meat selection!

The Mediterranean Meal

When it starts getting too hot in Calgary, you’re going to want something that can help keep your guests cool — though serving them ice cubes is slightly frowned upon. Cooking some delicious Mediterranean food is a great way to calm the palate while still enticing the appetite. Serve up a couscous salad with a fresh lemon and oil vinaigrette, tossed with cucumbers, tomatoes, and chickpeas (lots of pepper too, of course). Grill up some chicken and veggie kebabs to be served with tzatziki sauce and pita, and top off the meal with some baklava. Your guests will simply love taking their taste buds to a new and exciting culinary destination.

The Middle Eastern Medley

There’s something so exciting about cooking a brand new meal — or if you’ve already been cooking Middle Eastern fare for some time, there’s something equally exciting about getting to hone and showcase your craft. Take some new spins on some original dishes by trying and experimenting with new spices. Grill some fish with a harissa-based seasoning and sauce, create a rice pilaf with some ras el hanout spice blend, serve up some mint tea, and sprinkle some za’atar on your pita bread for an incredible meal.

We’ll continue with some more ideas in our next blog, in the meantime, be sure to stock up on all your choice ingredients at our international food store in Calgary! A trip to Basha Foods International is a trip around the world, all in a grocery store. Stop by today!