Figuring out what to eat or what to cook for meals can be difficult. You want something that’s going to satisfy your cravings and satiate your palate, while also being healthy — because for as often as we might crave chocolate, we probably shouldn’t eat it with every single meal. As Calgary’s international grocery store of choice, Basha Foods International has so many ingredients to cultivate any flavor and meet every craving. From Middle Eastern foods to Indian cuisine and everything in between, you can trust Basha Foods International to have what you’re looking for. Find out what your food cravings are telling you, and shop at our grocery store today!

Something Salty

One study from Physiology and Behavior noted that “women who reported the highest amount of salt cravings were found to have the lowest levels of calcium, magnesium, and zinc.” It can be easy to want to hit that craving with some of your favorite kinds of chips or popcorn, but it’s usually a sign that your body is needing something more.

What to Eat Instead: Get some leafy, green vegetables, as well as some fruits (like raspberries and avocados) and make an incredible salad. It’s okay if your dressing has a little of the saltiness you’re looking for!

Something Sweet

There’s a number of reasons why we get sugar cravings. Sometimes it’s due to feeling low energy, and we’re looking for that sugar rush to pep us up (try to be preventative and get more sleep instead, it usually helps!). Your body could also be taking in too many starches (which are basically sugars) and not enough protein, which leaves you feeling unsatisfied, and needing more sustenance.

What to Eat Instead: Try to get some good balances of protein in with every meal. Chickpeas and green peas have excellent sources of protein, so you don’t have to eat something meaty every time you’re trying to up your protein. Additionally, quinoa has a good amount of protein in it compared to other grains, and is quite tasty, too!

Something Chocolate-y

This is a tough one, because our grocery store has a hard time telling you not to eat chocolate. After all, it’s one of the best foods (and most popular cravings) of all time. Chocolate provides a sugar fix, a caffeine boost, and even some essential minerals, like magnesium. But if you catch yourself dying for some chocolate every day (and around the same time), there’s a chance it’s less of a need and more of a habit.

What to Eat Instead: Chocolate is not automatically bad for you! But it is something that, like everything else, should be eaten in moderation. Chocolate should also be consumed at higher cacao percentages — the darker the chocolate, the better. If you find yourself practically going into fits because you so desperately need chocolate (which, we’ve all been there), it’s probably for the best that you focus on some other magnesium-rich foods, such as seafood, almonds, bananas, cashew, and tofu.

No matter what you’re craving, you can find the ingredients you’re looking for at Basha Foods International! Our international grocery store is an ideal place for you to find incredible foods and ingredients from around the world, to help you make the meals you not only love, but that help keep those cravings in check. Stop by Basha Foods International today!