1. Types Of Dietary Lifestyles

    When you’re dealing with other people’s dietary restrictions, you know you need to be respectful, courteous, and open to lifestyles and diets that are different than your own. At the same time, one can’t help but be curious as to what other people are dining on and enjoying — it’s like wat…Read More

  2. Respecting Other People’s Diets

    It can be easy to assume that everyone eats relatively the same foods that you do. When it comes to your favorite foods, be they a juicy burger, an amazing plate of enchiladas, or anything with chocolate, it’s hard to imagine someone not loving these meals that give you great joy. But there are to…Read More

  3. What Your Food Cravings Are Telling You

    Figuring out what to eat or what to cook for meals can be difficult. You want something that’s going to satisfy your cravings and satiate your palate, while also being healthy — because for as often as we might crave chocolate, we probably shouldn’t eat it with every single meal. As Calgary’…Read More

  4. A Few More Summer Dinner Party Ideas

    Welcome back to our blog series on summer dinner parties! In our first blog, we addressed a few cooking ideas that you could try for hosting your next event. When hosting a dinner party, there are so many elements to take into consideration, but we can all agree that food and meal planning take a lo…Read More

  5. Summer Dinner Party Ideas

    Summer is the perfect time to host a dinner party — or several, for that matter. With daylight stretching and temperatures rising, summer itself is an exceptional occasion to celebrate. Getting friends and family together (over food, of course) has always been a wonderful time, and everyone will l…Read More